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Corm!! New Southern-Fried Banger EP

Corm!! is the musical persona of Dr. Jason Cormier. By day, he works as a world-renowned neurosurgeon. When not repairing synapses, the multi-talented musician is doctoring beats, dropping fire remixes and his own original EDM tracks from his home studio in Lafayette, Louisiana. He cites a broad range of influences from hip-hop luminaries like Run DMC, Jazzy Jeff, and Lil John to cutting-edge producers like DJ Diesel, Skrillex, Diplo, Aoki, Tiesto, and more.

He got his start in high school as the DJ of a hip-hop group. The crew eventually split up but have remained friends. As Jason went on to study medicine, his bandmates continued to work in the biz. Carl “Groove” Martin formed the platinum R&B group SHAI, and Marcus Lyle Brown became an actor and the CEO of Believe Entertainment. Corm!! debuted in 2020 with the twelve-song album Pandemic, a mostly instrumental mix of pop and hip-hop-infused EDM lastly.

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Song’s review

With its contagious energy and enticing groove, “I Be Ballin” immediately captures the listener. Additionally, the production combines trap, EDM, and futuristic textures, making it a masterclass in fusing electronic components. Furthermore, a world of high-octane electronic euphoria is brought to life for listeners by the layers of synths and painstakingly produced percussion. Moreover, Corm!! displays his prowess as a producer by carefully navigating through dynamic shifts and drops that maintain the song’s tempo.

Moreover his production and [Featured Artist]’s vocals work in astonishing harmony, seamlessly fusing electronic and vocal elements to create a seamless whole. Moreover, themes of desire, success, and self-assurance are explored in “I Be Ballin”‘s lyrics, which speak to people who seek empowerment via music. Lastly, the vocal performance by Corm!! is clear and captivating, increasing the song’s emotional effect. The track “I Be Ballin” is a perfect illustration of Corm!!’s ability to fascinate listeners with his electronic skills. The tune is a great choice for dance floors and late-night excursions because of its contagious intensity and creative production. In terms of lyrical substance, it might not be groundbreaking, but its musical quality and carefully created electronic noises set it apart from other songs in the genre.


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