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The talented Belgian musician “Modeo” is worth being famous

All songs by Modeo rose to the top of various lists for “DJs” and were favored by industry pros. Let’s highlight “Extraclub” (ranked #2), “Hit des clubs” (ranked 28), “DJ Buzz” (ranked #8), and “Ibeat International” (ranked #33). Recall that Modeo‘s second song (“A new day” BIP / UNIVERSAL) spent nearly 4 months in the top 15 of the Belgian Itunes dance chart. Additionally, prominent figures like Mathieu Koss, Super-funk, and DJ Mag have backed Modeo. More than 300 radio stations and web radios have aired Modeo. The multifaceted Belgian figure who wears the mask is a journalist, director, musician, TV host, and radio host lastly.

Good Time official music video


Song’s review

Modeo‘s most recent track, “Good Time”, is energizing the electronic music world. Listeners are guaranteed to move to the rhythm of its throbbing beats, catchy melodies, and superb production. Furthermore, “Good Time” establishes the mood for a thrilling musical voyage from the first notes.
With its atmospheric synthesizers, the beginning draws the listener in and progressively heightens interest in what is to come. Then, the music erupts into a compelling fusion of energizing electronic sounds as the tempo drops, showcasing the dynamic compositional skills of Modeo.
Additionally, the painstaking layering of synths, expertly programmed percussion rhythms, and strategically placed vocal samples creates an immersive audio world that fully captures the listener’s attention.
Moreover, the vocals of the featured singer give the song a new dimension and flawlessly balance the instrumental components. Their melodic delivery and seamless blending with the upbeat beats improve the listener’s entire experience.
Finally, with its enduring choruses and contagious melodies, “Good Time” is irresistibly catchy. This aspect seamlessly integrates dance, pop, and electronic music components and appeals to a diverse audience. Electronic music fans will certainly add this song to their playlists and make it their favorite.


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