93Feetofsmoke “Feel Something At All” in new single

93FEETOFSMOKE is a talented artist based on Los Angeles

is back with another emotive track that fuses pop punk and traps rock. Called “FEEL SOMETHING AT ALL”, the new single is the first off of his forthcoming album SUCK shared later next year.

“FEEL SOMETHING AT ALL” is all about the lack of feelings and emotions. Sometimes people also turn to substances to evoke excitement and with “FEEL SOMETHING AT ALL”, 93FEETOFSMOKE also explores how this can lead to further numbness over time. He sings “there is something wrong with my head/everything is the same in the end / I will take anything you have / if it makes me feel something at all”, pleading for an impassioned inner response. “FEEL SOMETHING AT ALL” enthralls with layered electric and acoustic guitars and a cathartic sing-a-long worthy anthemic chorus. 93FEETOFSMOKE has created a thrilling and punchy raw pop-punk single that is a must-add to your winter playlist.

93FEETOFSMOKE was born and bred in Virginia and is now based in Los Angeles. He has collaborated with the likes of producer Aaron Osborne and artists including phem, guardin, Kamiyada+, Aaron Gillespie, Tosh the Drummer, and more. Captivated by his honestly candid narratives and emo rap meets rock fusion, 93FEETOFSMOKE was signed to Photo Finish Records and continues to attract a fervent fanbase from around the globe.

This has to be one of the most awesome songs ever. This track has a lot of positive factors, for example, the artist sensational flow, the exciting beat, the world class intro, the fantastic melody, the strong and attractive rhymes, and so on ..These factors make this track very enjoyable for every audiences . I’m so eager to add this music to my playlist.🤩🔥

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