AKburger produced “If I Give You” featuring Tiniyaz!

AKburger produced "If I Give You" featuring Tiniyaz!

The French producer AKburger has something attractive for you!

Electro producer from France, AKburger discovers the music through the piano, from an early age. He trades the keys for the strings and launches into the electric guitar, creating his very first rock band in college. But it is during adolescence that everything takes shape. Discovering the world of the night and MAO, the musician embarks on production and composition with the desire to make people dance. He thus forms his first electro pop-rock group “Shelt-Er” by settling in the Basque Country. From Anglet to Saint-Jean de Luz, via Biarritz, the group toured for 4 years before quitting during the covid. He will take back from this experience a great source of inspiration with the desire to go further. Today, AKburger, live DJ, producer and composer has embarked on a more electro-pop solo project with a solid new EP. Less rock, more “mainstream”, this project is, for him, the logical continuation of his experiences past. More solar, tinted with a “beach club” atmosphere and invite you to escape. So in the first rays of spring sunshine, let us introduce you to “We Are Not In Danger” his latest EP.


Song’s review

The single by AKburger, “If I give you,” featuring Tiniyaz, is a welcome improvement to the mainstream music landscape. The song enthralls listeners right away with its contagious enthusiasm and enduring melody.

The song’s flawless fusion of pop and electronic components gives it a lively, dynamic tone. Tiniyaz’s soulful voice wonderfully complements AKburger‘s smooth and engaging vocals. Their chemistry shines across the entire song, adding to its allure.

The “If I give you” album has excellent production quality. Layered and well-balanced, the instrumental composition features enticing synth hooks, pulsing percussion, and tasteful electronic components. The dynamic production of the song keeps the listener interested from beginning to end.

In terms of lyrics, “if I give you” examines issues related to love, vulnerability, and the difficulties of relationships. The emotional lyrics and the expressive delivery by AKburger and Tiniyaz create a sense of realism and genuineness.

The catchy chorus is one of this collaboration’s best features. The song’s melodious hook is immediately memorable and has the potential to go viral on the radio. The excitement of the song increases during the chorus, making it impossible to resist the impulse to sing along and dance.

Overall, “if I give you” by AKburger featuring Tiniyaz is a skillfully produced pop song that highlights the talent and variety of the performers. This song has the potential to be accessible to a large audience thanks to its engaging production, enduring melodies, and poignant lyrics. Both artists put in a respectable effort, and it leaves

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