Alessia Brightly shines in “Le Ultime Parole Famose”

Alessia Brightly Le Ultime Parole Famose

Alessia Brightly – Senti-Menti Album, 13 Songs, 1 Secret

Alessia Brightly is a Rome-born Italian singer-songwriter.
On April 12, 2021, he launched his debut single Favola A Metà; the impertinent text runs on the internet making fun of the so-called poisonous love’s grin, supplemented by an arrangement kept purposefully simple with the assistance of musician Marco Pinelli. the sentences contain passive voice, which is more than the recommended maximum of 10%. Try to use their active counterparts.

Paure D’Amianto, the new single from Brightly, is released on April 12, 2023, and opens the season of her first Album Senti-Menti; it is an LP of 13 songs, a mix of contradictory emotions, fears, irony, experiences, and stories that the singer-songwriter communicates with a direct and sometimes cryptic voice.

The album will release in phases during 2023, with the artist releasing each song around 4/5 weeks apart from the others. In reality, we know that Brightly will release “DNA,” the second unpublished extract from Senti-Menti, on May 27th.
All of the songs will therefore be progressively made accessible on the major streaming platforms, and any updates will be instantly announced on the artist’s social channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and so on). But it doesn’t stop there.

The artist Alessia has planned a divergence between the online platform and physical device for the album Senti-Menti. The album “a little secret,” allows a different interpretation of the project’s spirit. Roberto Cola recorded, produced, and mixed the album at Il Piano B Progetti Sonori, while Fabrizio De Carolis, owner of the Reference Mastering Studio, handled the mastering.

Le Ultime Parole Famose official music video


Song’s review

“Le Ultime Parole Famose” by Alessia Brightly is a captivating musical journey, seamlessly integrating Electronic, Folk/Acoustic, and Pop components. From the start, the artist’s captivating voice lures listeners and effortlessly communicates a spectrum of emotions. Transition words like “furthermore,” “moreover,” and “in addition” accentuate diverse musical elements, creating an enchanting experience for the audience.

The track’s production excels in seamlessly merging lush electronic textures with acoustic instruments, creating a harmonic and fascinating soundtrack. Moreover, Alessia’s exceptional songwriting skills shine through the deep and accessible lyrics, leaving a lasting impression on the listener.

Alessia Brightly‘s unquestionable ability and impressive range as an artist are undeniably on full display in “Le Ultime Parole Famose”. From the opening notes, this genre-defying gem will captivate music lovers of all tastes.

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