Alex Maher ‘s R&B Resurgence: Unveiling “Red Planet”

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Alex Maher Returns with “Red Planet”: A Filipinx-Canadian Musical Odyssey

Filipinx-Canadian multi-instrumentalist Alex Maher released his first music in three years, “Red Planet,” on November 28, 2023. The song uses the barren Mars as a metaphor for the emotional and spiritual isolation caused by rage and depression.

Maher’s therapy sessions inspired the song, which he wrote about his own feelings of anger and their impact on his relationship with his partner. The music video was directed by Joey Senft. The song was a work in progress, produced by polun at Canada’s Music Incubator last year. Maher expressed his hope that the song will be enjoyed by listeners.

“Red Planet” official music video


Song’s review

Delve into the latest in-tune information with R&B maestro Alex Maher‘s “Red Planet.” This captivating addition to the sector of music introduces a fresh wave at the very heart of the track center. Maher’s new music project promises an immersive revel in, inviting audiences to play song that transcends traditional obstacles. “Red Planet” is now available on YouTube Music, offering fans a seamless platform to discover and enjoy. Immerse yourself in the soulful melodies as you play song that reflects Maher’s profound artistry.

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