Amerakin Overdose Redefines Boundaries with “Disconnect”

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Amerakin Overdose: A Decade of Industrial Metal Dominance

Amerakin Overdose is a high strength Industrial Metal act from Portland, Oregon, installed in 2010 by Cody Perez. Over the remaining decade they have released full period albums (self titled in 2012 and The Great Amerakin Dream in 2016). Amerakin Overdose has toured the
United States on some of occasions, as well as opening for loads of touring nationals in the Pacific Northwest. National acts encompass Korn,
Godsmack, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Chevelle, All That
Remains, Static X, Powerman 5000.

Following a brief hiatus in 2018, Amerakin Overdose made a triumphant return in 2022 with the reassembled 2015 lineup. This incarnation featured Cody Perez taking the lead vocals, complemented by Pito Perez on backing vocals. Brick resumed his position on the drums, while Starbie sixty-six held down the bass.
on guitar. The band has not only launched singles but also released track movies for both “Agastopia” and “Neurostatic.”

“Disconnect” official music video


Song’s review

“Disconnect” by Amerakin Overdose combines Metal, Rock, and Punk, grabbing attention from the start. The powerful instruments, coupled with the intense vocals, work in harmony to create an immersive and chaotic experience that effectively mirrors the profound turmoil conveyed by the lyrics.

The song’s subject matter primarily revolves around the pervasive feeling of detachment in an increasingly prevalent virtual age. Moreover, the lyrics profoundly hit home by delving into this disconnect with a raw and unapologetic exploration. The vocalist’s transport is undeniably forceful and emotive; this effectively conveys a profound feeling of frustration and disillusionment, to which a great many listeners can easily relate. As the music progresses, the intensity steadily builds, ultimately culminating in a cathartic explosion of sound, which perfectly mirrors and amplifies the emotional climax of the narrative.

“Disconnect,” a tough-hitting sonic experience, not only showcases Amerakin Overdose‘s remarkable ability to seamlessly blend genres but also creates a powerful auditory journey for listeners. The band’s willingness to address applicable subject matters adds depth to the tune, making it not handiest a headbanging anthem but additionally a concept-provoking observation on contemporary society’s struggles. Fans of Metal, Rock, and Punk alike will not only find something to comprehend in this tune’s competitive sound, but they will also be captivated by its introspective lyrics.

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