Aniecki Versatility Shines in “Recto-Verso (Freestyle)”

Aniecki Recto-Verso (Freestyle)

Aniecki: The Multifaceted Rapper from Mulhouse

Aniecki is an artist from Mulhouse. Passionate from a young age by Hip Hop culture and writing, he started rapping in 2008 before joining the S.N.E. (Northeast section) in 2010.
3 years ago he decided to produce himself with the help of some friends from the musical world. He devotes his time to the service of what makes him vibrate and takes pleasure through the sharing that music brings.

Aniecki is a rapper with a vision of his own in rap. With realistic, melancholy lyrics often accompanied by a raw and ego trip side. he considers himself a “Harlequin”. He offers texts as well as universes based on what surrounds him, his feelings, and his observations which are most of the time linked to his experience but also to his values ​​and his convictions. Thus he reveals several facets of himself through various emotions such as the harlequin outfit, his rap is of all colors. Expect new concepts and varied themes for each track.

“Recto-Verso (Freestyle)”  official music video


Song’s review

“Recto-Verso (Freestyle)” through the flexible artist Aniecki is a captivating fusion of hip-hop, R&B, soul, and reggae effects. Clocking in at simply over 3 minutes, this song is a masterclass in style-mixing. Aniecki‘s lyrical prowess shines through as he effortlessly navigates among extraordinary styles, delivering verses that can be both introspective and socially aware.

The production on “Recto-Verso (Freestyle)” is pinnacle-notch; furthermore, it features a hypnotic beat that keeps you grooving from start to finish. Aniecki‘s easy vocals and impeccable flow are indeed the icing on the cake; they effortlessly draw you into his world with each word. His ability to exchange between making a song and rapping seamlessly adds depth to the track.

Lyrically, Aniecki delves into issues of self-discovery, internal turmoil, and societal issues, making this freestyle an idea-setting adventure. “Recto-Verso (Freestyle)” is a testament to Aniecki‘s talent and versatility, leaving listeners keen for greater from this promising artist. It’s a need to-listen to everybody who appreciates genre-defying songs with substance.

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