Astrid S Drops “Hot Fever Dream” from Her Album “Joyride” 🎵

Astrid S

Astrid S Unveils “Joyride”: A Musical Homage to Father-Daughter Road Trips 🎶

Norwegian singer-songwriter Astrid S is set to launch her sophomore album, “Joyride,” on May 24, 2024. The album, her first due to the fact her 2020 debut, is a tribute to her formative years memories and automobile trips together with her father. The album, including nine tracks, was created after writing the primary music, “Joyride,” and is set to be her first paintings in 4 years.

“Hot Fever Dream” official music video


Song’s review

🎶 “Hot Fever Dream” by Fly By Astrid S: A Pop Music Delight! 🎵

“Hot Fever Dream” through Fly By Astrid S is an infectious pop song that hits all the right notes. With its catchy beats and captivating melody, it’s sure to become a fave on your playlist. This center music showcases Astrid S‘s expertise for crafting irresistible tunes that you will need to play on repeat. Whether you are listening on YouTube Music or your selected streaming platform, “Hot Fever Dream” is a ought to-upload for any pop track fanatic. Don’t miss out in this new tune—it’s certain to be a success! 🌟

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