Aube L ‘s Unapologetic Voice Explores “Comment m’appartenir?”

Aube L Comment m'appartenir

Aube L: A Multi-talented Artist with a Poetic Electro-Rock Sound

Aube Lalvée, a versatile artist, encompasses authorship, composition, and performance. As a multi-instrumentalist, she skillfully handles guitar, keyboard, violin, and drums. Her poetic electro-rock style draws from various genres, reflecting her diverse influences. Growing up in southern France, she honed her violin skills at C.N.R.R. Nice. During her university studies in Art Communication Language, she was not only introduced to video creation but also to MAO and sound design. These experiences, consequently, played a crucial role in sparking her profound passion for musical expression. Serendipitous encounters led her to purchase her first guitar, while her cinematic vision seamlessly merged electronics, guitar, and bass.

Aube Lalvée collaborated with visual artists, directors, and live performers, even composing for a Rock Opera. This journey expanded her composition techniques and led her to discover her singing voice. Through albums like “Stars in Your Scars,” “Wake Up the Joy,” and others, her humanistic universe took shape. Her emotive and androgynous voice imparts profound meaning to both her French and English lyrics. Additionally, Aube’s live performances not only resonate deeply but also evoke exceptional audience reactions.


“Comment m’appartenir?” official music video


Song’s review

“Comment m’appartenir?” by Aube L is a fiery rock/punk music that not only enflames the soul with its raw desire and ferocious fury but also captivates listeners with its powerful energy and relentless passion. The song’s intense instrumentation and electrifying vocals create an adrenaline-pumping experience, leaving the audience exhilarated and yearning for more. The music immediately captures your attention and doesn’t let go until the final chord ends.

Aube L‘s strong voice commands immediate attention as she takes the stage, effortlessly weaving her powerful lyrics into the air, creating an atmosphere of revolt and self-discovery. Moreover, she adds an extra layer of depth to the already compelling material, with its hard-hitting guitar riffs and a driving rhythm section that keeps the adrenaline pumping throughout the performance.

The song “Comment m’appartenir?” exhorts listeners to reject social conventions and embrace their uniqueness with a rebellious attitude. The passionate and unabashed style of the song perfectly captures the spirit of rock and punk, making an impression that necessitates further listening.

In conclusion, “Comment m’appartenir?” by Aube L is a thrilling song that displays the musician’s musical skill and acts as a strong reminder to proudly declare our identity.

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