Avery Anna Strikes Gold with “Make It Look Easy”

Avery Anna

Avery Anna Latest Release: “Make It Look Easy”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter Avery Anna has released a new song, “Make It Look Easy,” following her collaboration single with Dylan Marlowe. The song, written by Sheridan, Anna, Ben Williams, and David Fanning, is set to appear on her upcoming debut album. The track explores a relationship characterized by quiet dysfunction and was produced by David Fanning.

“Make It Look Easy” official music video


Song’s review

Avery Latest Pop Offering: “Make It Look Easy”

In her today’s pop tune enterprise, Avery Anna provides “Make It Look Easy.” This music resultseasily captivates listeners with its infectious melody and catchy hooks. As the center song in her repertoire, it showcases Anna’s evolving artistry and musical prowess. The new tune continues a clean vibe even as retaining Anna’s signature style. Listeners are drawn into its rhythm from the very first play, making it a standout tune on YouTube Music. “Make It Look Easy” solidifies  function as a rising superstar inside the pop music scene, leaving enthusiasts keen for more.

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