Axel Johansson ‘s “Dark Waters”: A Pop EDM Delight

Axel Johansson Dark Waters

Axel Johansson and HOLT Collaborate on New Music Journey 🎶

Danish DJ Axel Johansson and Swedish singer-songwriter HOLT have launched a brand new tune, “Dark Waters,” as a observe-up to their October release, “I Found You.” The track, written through Johansson, Daniel Calvin, Fanny Hultman, Mugisho Nhonzi, Paula Jivén, and Slwmo, was produced by means of Johansson, Mugisho Nhonzi, Slwmo, Daniel Calvin, and Simon Dyrby Christensen. Johansson expressed his enjoyment in creating the song, describing it as a combination among Mike Perry and Alan Walker.

“Dark Waters” official music video


Song’s review

In his modern pop EDM introduction, “Dark Waters,” artist Axel Johansson offers a captivating new track that seamlessly blends colourful pop music with electronic beats. This middle tune in Johansson’s repertoire introduces a sparkling attitude, making it a noteworthy addition to the sector of pop song. The track, available on YouTube Music, invites listeners to play the track and immerse themselves in its dynamic soundscapes. Johansson’s skillful composition shines in “Dark Waters,” a must-listen for those seeking fresh music transcending traditional genres.

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