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Axel Hugues Étienne Martin – French Rapper and Singer-songwriter

Axel Hugues Étienne Martin, simply known as Axel (@axelhuguesmusic), born January 3, 2002, in Auxerre, France, is a French rapper, singer, and rhythm designer. He shares his perception of the world around us and frees himself through the music that serves as his outlet. A kind of exteriorized introversion at the heart of a globally refined style where neither substance nor form is neglected seems to represent it.

Singer-songwriter, this independent hip-hop artist develops a dark and nonchalant musical color at the crossroads between consciousness, introspection, and therapy. His musical universe is inspired by that of NF (rap without insults), Russ, Lefa, and even Bigflo and Oli. Between rhythms and melodies, he expresses himself mainly on trap and drill music. Made-to-measure sometimes orchestral instrumentals, which he does himself. Versatile, it can also offer lo-fi, R&B, or pop songs.

Axel, a son of a piano teacher and school teacher, attended music school and graduated in drums. He joined a jazz workshop for four years and began writing rap texts and composing instrumentals at 17. His brother Théo Martin designed his logo in 2020. He obtained a scientific baccalaureate in engineering science and recorded his first song “AUGURE” with Robinson Chaulier. In 2021, he released his first EP “Échantillon” and validated his L1 STAPS. In 2022/2023, Axel published a single per week for a year to gain visibility, a concept known by Russ or Rilès. He has 52 unreleased tracks, including three featuring (UNE AMBITION ET LES PLANS with Tinus, PIÈGES with Shy To Bold, and PLUS MAINTENANT with Shy To Bold). Exquisite Beats, Nox-B, and Purppwon also feature in his tracklist.

“POTENTIEL” official music video


Song’s review

The captivating song “POTENTIEL” by Axel demonstrates the artist’s unmatched skill in both hip-hop and rap. The music takes your attention right away, engulfing you in its contagious intensity and compelling flow.

The production is top-notch; not only does it feature the right amount of melodic and hard-hitting beats, but it also incorporates seamless transitions between different elements, creating an irresistible rhythm that lingers in your head long after the song is over. Axel‘s delivery is fluid and potent, sliding over the verses with ease while projecting a commanding presence that begs your attention.

The song “POTENTIEL” not only offers insightful insights into Axel‘s life, challenges, and goals through its lyrics but also delves deep into his inner thoughts and emotions, providing a profound understanding of his journey. Both newcomers and seasoned hip-hop fans will find the tune intriguing to listen to because of the language and smart analogies that give it depth.

Overall, “POTENTIEL” is proof of Axel‘s boundless artistic potential. The song is surely worth listening to more than once because of its catchy sounds, polished delivery, and deep lyrics. Judging by this song, it is evident that Axel is indeed a rapper and hip-hop musician worth observing.

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