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🎵 BLANKA Stajkow Drops New Music “If U Want Me” 🎵

Polish singer-songwriter BLANKA Stajkow, called BLANKA, released a brand new music, “If U Want Me,” on May 23, 2024. The music, which follows her February release, “Cara Mia,” have turn out to be written by way of Louise Lindberg, Lova Sönnerbo, Sebastian Atas, and Victor Sjöstrom. Produced with the resource of Atas and Sjöstrom, the music explores the issue count number of lusting after someone who is more lovely at the outside than at the inner. It highlights the belief that an super first date or automobile experience may be a cowl, and the individual in no way in reality notion approximately the connection.

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Fly By Blanka, additionally referred to as Blanka Stajkow, releases a groovy pop song known as “If U Want Me.” The deceit and appeal of ground-degree attraction are explored in this Polish Viral Pop song. Blanka has wonderful voice range and emotional nuance inside the centerpiece track. Dad music enthusiasts might also additionally experience this song’s meaningful phrases and cute music with the resource of streaming it on YouTube Music. Listening to “If U Want Me” is important, because it presentations Blanka‘s talent and developing imaginative vision.

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