BOYR!OT Drops Upbeat Pop-Punk Single “MA!N CHARACTER” 🎸


🎸 New Music Alert: BOYR!OT Debut Track “MA!N CHARACTER” 🌟

Pop-punk duo BOYR hails from Los Angeles and is headquartered there.On May 15, 2024, the band OT released their first song, “MA!N CHARACTER”. The track, written through Brendan Eprile, Gregory Driscoll, Kesley Mayes Bourgeois, and Nicholas Yurisak, blends the essence of the 2000s pop-punk generation with present day-day virtual factors. The music video have turn out to be directed with the aid of manner of using the usage of Nas Bogado and abilties drummer Jess Goodwin and Constance Antoinette, the traveling guitarist for Demi Lovato. The track resonates deeply with outcasts, rebels, and nonconformists, embodying a message of self-popularity and defiance in opposition to societal norms. BOYR!OT expressed gratitude to their gifted organization for their help in getting the tune one hundred% proper.

“MA!N CHARACTER” official music video


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🎸 New Pop-Punk Music: BOYR!OT‘s “MA!N CHARACTER” 🌟

BOYR!OT‘s pop debut unmarried “MA!N CHARACTER” gives upbeat sounds and a rebellious spirit at the equal time as fusing factors of 2000s pop-punk with contemporary factors. The music is an anthem for nonconformists because of its effective terms and attractive melody. Jess Goodwin and Constance Antoinette perform within the music video on YouTube, which modified into directed with help via Nas Bogado. Discover the remarkable sound of BOYR!OT and create waves inside the pop music industry.

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