Cassyette Unveils New Music: “Friends In Low Places”


🎶 Cassyette‘s New Music: “Friends In Low Places” Hits the Airwaves 🎶

British singer-songwriter Cassyette has launched the 6th unmarried, “Friends In Low Places,” from her upcoming debut album “This World Fucking Sucks.” The track, written by means of manner of Cassyette, follows “Four Leaf Clover” and is the final addition to the album, which explores issue topics of complication, grief, dependancy, and ending an extended-time period dating. The album is ready to be launched on August 23, 2024, via 23 Recordings.

“Friends In Low Places” official music video


Song’s review

🎵 New Music Review: Cassyette Alt-Z Sound Shines

“Friends In Low Places,” Cassyette‘s most current music, exemplifies her very very own brand of pop tune with a current-day revel in. The memorable melody and poignant lyrics of this alt-Z tune allow it to evoke quite more than a few emotions. Her vocal variety is on complete show within the center track, which enthralls listeners with a strong, immersive amusement. Fans of this tune on YouTube will need to pay attention to it again and again. Listen to the whole tune Cassyette to completely recognize its lovely soundscape.

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