CØLDSTAR explores electrifying fusion in “When Night Falls”

CØLDSTAR When Night Falls

CØLDSTAR – When Night Falls

Extinguished stars, foreign planets, and black holes. Places beyond our imagination
that arouse longings and invite us to dream. These are the themes that inspire the Swiss
CØLDSTAR consists of Martin Baumann and Michael Freund, who have another
fascination besides their passion for dark and electronic music: space! Inspired by
the dark and mysterious side of the universe, the two-piece has created their own
aesthetic of melancholic danceable melodies and soundscapes. CØLDSTAR uses
analog synthesizers and vocoders from bygone eras.
After the release of the EP „Coming Home“ this spring, the new single ‘When Night
Falls will be released on 21 July 2023. The perfect soundtrack for melancholic
summer days to come.

When Night Falls’s official music video


Song’s review

With a thrilling fusion of Electronic, Pop, Rock, and Punk, CØLDSTAR‘s most recent song “When Night Falls” offers an exhilarating listening experience. With its pulsing beats and abrasive guitar riffs, the song takes no time in catching your attention and establishing the mood for an exhilarating voyage.

The vocals are without a doubt the standout feature, hitting the ideal harmony between raw and passionate. CØLDSTAR‘s dynamic performance brings the lyrics to life, inspiring the listener with a sense of empowerment and rebellion.

The excellent production highlights the artist’s talent for creating a multidimensional sound. Moreover, a dynamic backdrop is created by the seamless blending of layers of synth-driven melodies and powerful percussion, which keeps you interested from beginning to end.

The melodic choruses and contagious energy of “When Night Falls” will appeal to a wide variety of music lovers, bringing in followers from other genres. Once again demonstrating their power in the music business, CØLDSTAR‘s track is unquestionably one you need to add to your playlist.

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