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Ko3l is an independent French rapper.

Here we have a summary biography from dear Ko3l:

My artist name is Ko3l, and I am an independent French rapper. Since childhood, I have always been immersed in the Parisian Hip Hop culture. Having grown up with artists like Sexion d’Assault in my ears, I quickly developed a penchant for French Rap. I started writing my first lyrics at 14, I participated in my first Rap contests on social networks at 16, and today, I release my first album from Montreal at 18. Indeed, I had the chance to fly to North America last year, which allowed me to expand my musical culture. Soaked in new sources of inspiration, I refined my writing, flows, and melodies before finding my own style. Thus, I sell music as a story more than a simple hobby. It is this beautiful history which allowed me to meet Fyl, an artist from Quebec who placed in me all his confidence for recording my first album: “L’EMBRUMÉ”. Thus, in total independence in his room, we built my project from scratch, from the recording to the mixing.


The album “L’EMBRUMÉ” by Ko3l is now available!

Available since January 20th on all platforms, “L’EMBRUMÉ” which means the misty one tells the story of my deceased alter ego. Through an introspective story rich in emotions of all kinds, I tried through this project to bring my own touch to French Rap. The tracks are diversified but respect a certain artistic coherence with, in particular, numerous cinematographic references which accompany and guide the conceptual album in its history. Allow the most emblematic pieces of music of this project, I will tell “KO” and “brume” which are distinguished by their mastery of the rhyme, the technique, and the placements. With much softer instrumentals, “Béton” and “TVAM” will plunge the listeners into an atmosphere between joy and sadness.

Nevertheless, the most outstanding track of this project remains “À ses côtés”. Through this sound, I tried to express all my emotions so that the music speaks more than words. According to me, what makes the beauty of this piece is, beyond the sincerity of the words, the sincerity of a voice that we feel to have lived each word pronounced. It is this sincerity which makes this piece universal.

Today the misty one is dead… And I invite you to come and discover his story!

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