DJ Chase presents “Booty Line” a summer classic

DJ Chase Booty Line

DJ Chase Publishing, LLC: A Multi-Faceted Endeavor in the Music Industry

The founder of DJ Chase Publishing, LLC, DJ Chase Radio, and Worldwide Soundz Records is a professional DJ with experience performing live at various events. He has gained popularity outside New York City and has performed in several other states.

“The founder is not only an authorized DJ for Major Stage but has also received several accolades. Among these, the notable achievement was being named Blaze the Mic FM DJ of the Year in 2022.”

In 2022, he launched his own radio station, where he hosts a popular podcast and serves as the playlist curator. He has also been selected to be a part of Fox Sports’ Ryan Show program.

As a record label producer, he has worked with various musicians and has released lo-fi beat tapes that have garnered over 13 million independent streams. He currently hosts a show on DTF Radio. The founder exemplifies hard work, perseverance, and adaptability, pushing boundaries and reaching new heights.

Booty Line’s official music video


Song’s review

“Booty Line,” a riveting duet from DJ Chase, is a scorching song with all the makings of a summer classic. This upbeat Hip-hop/Rap tune with [artist name] is sure to get everyone on the dance floor moving.

“Booty Line” radiates an unstoppable intensity that is difficult to resist from the very first beat. The song’s infectious tune, combined with flawless mixing by DJ Chase, keeps the party atmosphere going the entire time. Moreover, the throbbing beat and captivating performance work together to heighten the song’s thrill. The dynamic rhythm not only sets the mood but also ensures that the crowd stays energized throughout the entire performance.

Moreover, the catchy beat and infectious melody of “Booty Line” captivate listeners from the first note. In addition, the seamless blend of various musical elements, such as pop and dance, creates a unique and irresistible sound. Furthermore, the artist’s dynamic vocal performance adds an extra layer of energy and charm to the song. Overall, “Booty Line” not only showcases the artist’s talent but also offers a refreshing and enjoyable listening experience.

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