Edge of Paradise Redefines Music with “This is Personal”

Edge of Paradise This is Personal

Edge of Paradise to Release “HOLOGRAM” Album on July 14, 2023

Edge of Paradise, a US-based cinematic rock band, will release their new album, “HOLOGRAM,” on July 14, 2023. The band, which recently completed a West Coast tour with Lacuna Coil, has unveiled the music video for “Hologram” off their album. The album, co-produced by the band and Mike Plotnikoff, mirrors the reality of their fight against the music industry.

The heavier sound of “HOLOGRAM” takes listeners into the face of danger, highlighting the importance of pursuit, sacrifice, and perseverance against cosmic odds. The band’s adversities have made them stronger than ever, and they are excited to share their most monumental music to date.

“This is Personal”  official music video


Song’s review

Edge of Paradise‘s “This is Personal” is a 4-minute sonic adventure, skillfully fusing digital, metal, and rock/punk elements. The song’s core is its uncooked energy, driven by powerful guitar riffs and relentless drumming. Margarita Monet leaps above the cacophony with her vocals, delivering a performance that’s both emotionally charged and technically brilliant.

The lyrics of “This is Personal” explore internal turmoil and self-discovery, connecting with listeners through a relatable narrative. Monet’s evocative storytelling, moreover, adds layers of intensity to the music, drawing you into its mesmerizing world. The refrain, on the other hand, isn’t anything short of anthemic; furthermore, it makes it impossible not to get swept up in its infectious melody.

Edge of Paradise defies genre limitations with “This is Personal,” creating a legitimate sound that is both familiar and refreshingly modern. This music showcases Edge of Paradise‘s exceptional skills and versatility, pushing musical boundaries and delivering a charming listening experience. Whether you’re a fan of electronic, metal, or rock/punk, ‘This is Personal’ is a must-listen.

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