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Emanuel is a talented Swedish singer/songwriter


Linus “Emanuel” Josefsson, the Swedish singer and songwriter, started singing before he
could talk. They even had a rule against singing at the dinner table in his childhood home
cause he and his brother couldn’t stop singing. His parents, who both sang in a gospel
choir before he was born have obviously influenced him a lot but many more can be
added to the list.
To name a few artists, Ariana Grande, Pentatonix, Toto, and Matt Corby are big
inspirations and have all helped him develop his own unique sound both vocally and
musically. His passion for harmony and musical feeling and his ear for compositions as a
whole really shines through in his music in a powerful way.
Though he started writing songs at a young age it wasn’t until 2017 his first single would
be released to the public. ”All About You”, which also was the title track of the first album,
came out in September that year and a few months later ”Want Your Body” feat. Ester
Fox was released.
In 2019 the album dropped to the excitement of many and the release gig at a bar in
central Stockholm became his entry into the world of live Pop music in Sweden. Earlier
that year he sang behind Icelandic singer Daniel Oliver in Söngvakeppnin with a song
written by himself, Daniel, and their mutual friend Peter Von Arbin.
Though he also featured on ”Cruel Love”, a single from Belgian DJ Mademoiselle Luna in
2020, he hasn’t released any music of his own since the album in 2019. That was until
earlier this year when Emanuel broke the silence and released his first single in 4 years.
“Revolution” came out in January and received love from the public like no other. As
his most streamed song on Spotify, the powerful lyrics stole the heart and breaths of many.

Just Can’t Get Enough official music video


Song’s review


Emanuel‘s “Just Can’t Get Enough” is a contagious pop song with dynamic energy that is sure to capture listeners with its enticing melody. The song captures your attention right away with its throbbing beats and alluring production.

Throughout the song, Emanuel‘s vocals stand out, demonstrating his incredible range and control. His mellow, soulful voice floats over the bouncy instrumentals with ease, providing the ideal fusion of pop and R&B components. Emanuel delivers the song with sincerity and heart, which enables listeners to relate to the words on a personal level.
The song’s production is excellent, having a clean, polished sound. The dynamic arrangement has strategically designed build-ups and catchy hooks that keep the listener interested from beginning to end. Electronic components, funky basslines, and contagious rhythms come together to create an appealing aural setting that allows Emanuel‘s vocals to shine.

“Just Can’t Get Enough” is an energetic and compelling pop gem overall. A memorable listening experience is created by Emanuel‘s strong vocal performance and catchy production. Listeners are eagerly anticipating more from Emanuel after hearing this song, which highlights his talent as a rising pop musician.


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