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Through a smoky haze and beaming stage lights, BlueBucksClan emerges from the background. The bass reverberates off the walls and through the floor. DJ and Jeeezy begin to rap and the crowd screams. The audience turns into a sea of hands and phones with an electric energy. One woman is wearing a backwards ball cap with their latest album name, Clan Way 3 as she jumps up and down with excitement.

The rap duo has made waves this year and headlining a sold out show at The Novo in downtown Los Angeles is another huge milestone. From the crowded ground floor to the jam-packed balcony seating, every person is bopping along to the bass. The two rappers hype the crowd for their breakout hit “Can’t Believe It.” The single’s music video plays on a big screen above the stage. DJ holds the microphone close to his mouth and delivers his rhythmic bars in his signature nonchalant demeanor. Jeeezy walks back and forth waving his hands in the air to the beat.

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Continuously representing their West Coast roots, BlueBucksClan brought out RJMrLA and Kalan. Once finished, both rappers dap up the artists and ask for more cheers from the audience. Their energy is casual and aloof, yet the venue is never silent. The constant outpour from their fans is unbelievable. At the back of the room by the bar, a group of women are twerking and shrieking. The lights flash and one of the women falls down into a split. The male concert goers are now shouting with excitement.

After performing a few of their newest releases, the rappers stop and ask the crowd, “Where my real BlueBucksClan fans at?” The audience instantly howls as the melodic tune of “Can I” vibrates the building. The stage is filled with an entourage now. The duo’s hype man is jumping up and down. Jeeezy holds eye contact with his fans the entire time. He walks over to the side of the stage and grabs a towel to wipe his sweat before raising his hands to wind up the crowd yet again.

Throughout their performance, DJ grabs phones from willing fans to snap pictures or participate in a recording. He throws the device back and continues the set. The two rappers throw boastful verses back and forth to each other with ease and a carefree swagger.

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