Evan Kreutz, a rising star, shines bright with “Day by Day”

Evan Kreutz Day by Day

Evan Kreutz: The Musical Chameleon Crafting an Eclectic Vibe

Evan Kreutz is a talented singer/songwriter, whose musical journey took flight at the tender age of 10. With a passion for melodies and lyrics, he has been making waves in the music industry ever since.
and started playing gigs with his family band at venues like Six Flags Great Adventure and the
Stone Pony in Asbury Park. Following the band, 7evan grew a social media presence on Vine,
which allowed him to partake in several influencer events and tours.
Today, Evan is still producing and recording as a solo artist. His focus is curating an eclectic vibe
that combines Harry Styles’ classic sound, The Killers’ alternative rock, and the Weeknd’s
spacious RnB energy to create something completely new. “All songs are meticulously mixed and expertly produced by Doug Grama from the legendary D&D Studios NY. So, you can expect a top-notch audio experience. Hope you enjoy it!”

“Day by Day” official music video


Song’s review

The pop gem “Day by Day” by Evan Kreutz will have you entranced from the very first note. The song displays the artist’s extraordinary skill with a compelling fusion of passion, ability, and innovation.

Kreutz’s smooth voice immediately captivates you; moreover, it quickly brings the lyrics’ poignant sentiments to mind. The familiar concept of appreciating life’s passing moments not only gives the song depth but also causes listeners to deeply connect with it. Furthermore, the way Kreutz delivers the emotions through his voice creates an intimate atmosphere, drawing listeners in from the start.

The song’s production is similarly outstanding, with a dynamic arrangement that skillfully combines elements of modern pop music with a hint of nostalgia. The chorus of the tune not only sticks in your head but also lingers there long after the song has finished playing.

The pop tune “Day by Day” is a breath of fresh air, indeed, and it unmistakably demonstrates Evan Kreutz‘s potential as a remarkable singer-songwriter. This song is a must-listen for everyone who enjoys pop music or simply wants to bask in the joy of engaging music. So get ready, because you’re about to be mesmerized as you embark on a captivating trip with “Day by Day.”

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