Farz Saleh Acoustic Poetry in “Serenity In Apathy”

Farz Saleh Serenity In Apathy

Farz Saleh: The Melodic Maestro of San Diego, CA

Hey. I’m Farz Saleh. A singer-songwriter-producer based out of my bedroom in San Diego, CA. Since my youth, I’ve had this strange hobby of channeling my emotions into original music and it’s never left me. I’ve found songwriting to be an incredibly therapeutic outlet when coping with life’s pain.

My goal is to create something uncomfortably raw and authentic, yet still rooted in something positive and hopeful. I hope my music blesses and inspires you along in your own life journey, as much as writing and composing it has blessed me.

“Serenity In Apathy” official music video


Song’s review

“Serenity In Apathy” by using the pretty gifted Folk/Acoustic artist Farz Saleh is a captivating musical journey in just over three minutes. The music, available at this link, delves deep into the artist’s soul, channeling uncooked emotions and crafting them right into a superbly melodic advent.

The music is a stunning mixture of Farz’s evocative lyrics and his masterful acoustic instrumentation. It’s a enchanting revel in that leads the listener thru a labyrinth of feelings, ultimately leaving them with a sense of serenity and desire. “Serenity In Apathy” is a musical gem, showcasing Farz Saleh‘s high-quality songwriting and emotional depth, making it a should-concentrate for enthusiasts of soul-stirring acoustic music.

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