Gran Batarr ‘s Artistic Brilliance in “Septième Ciel”

Gran Batarr Septième Ciel

Gran Batarr ‘s Rap Journey: Blending Old and New School

Born in Tourcoing five days after the death of Kurt Kobain and nine
days before the release of Nas’ Illmatic, Gran Batarr is the result
of a cross between the old and the new school of rap.
A natural child called a “bastard” according to the Catholic environment in
which he grew up, he is prematurely sucked into the tornado
rapological when he was just beginning to read and write. It does not
will ever come out.

After several attempts at writing and a few recordings on a tape recorder, he begins by releasing
mixtapes from high school and started the scene at the same time. His RESILIENCE project, released in 2019, will allow him
to be accompanied by Le FLOW (Euroregional Center for Urban Cultures) for the following two years. It’s at
At the end of this period, his latest EP, ELDORADO, was released.

“Septième Ciel”  official music video


Song’s review

“Septième Ciel” by using Gran Batarr is a fascinating masterpiece inside the realm of Hip-hop/Rap tune. The artist skillfully weaves a lyrical tapestry that transports listeners to the seventh heaven of musical ecstasy. The tune’s production is impeccable; moreover, it seamlessly combines melodic beats and poignant lyrics.

Gran Batarr‘s shipping is not only anything brief or extra special; furthermore, it boasts a completely unique glide and lyrical prowess that undeniably sets him apart in the rap sport. His storytelling ability shines brightly as he delves into non-public experiences and emotions, thus making the tune deeply relatable. “Septième Ciel” is more than simply a song; it’s an emotional adventure.

The music’s thematic intensity, coupled with Gran Batarr‘s true expression, unquestionably makes it a standout in contemporary rap. Whether you’re a fan of the style or not, “Septième Ciel” is a have to-concentrate, a testament to the energy of track to the touch the soul and depart a long-lasting impact. Gran Batarr has without a doubt carved his call into the annals of hip-hop history with this out of the ordinary tune.

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