Houdini SNA and featured artist collaborate on “Le Prince”

Houdini SNA Le Prince

Houdini SNA song “Le Prince” performed

Houdini SNA ‘s lyrics explore human experiences and feelings, which makes the song empathetic and accessible. I presently reside in Troyes, Aube (10), however, I was born and raised in French Guiana (973). I’ve been making music for a while, but it wasn’t until the end of 2017 that I made the decision to pursue my love full-time.
In fact, I came dangerously close to death in September 2017, and ever since that time, I’ve resolved to do all in my power to realize my goals without ever again putting my mental health at risk.
My first major objective in music is to one day have a single earn a gold record; after that, why not dream even bigger?
Since I work alone, I have several hats to wear, including sound engineer, author, composer, and editor right now, as you can see from the creation of this press kit.

In 2019, the author received sound engineering training for voice, instrument, composition, and mixing. This led to the establishment of their home studio and business, YOUNG MAGIC GROUP Records, in October 2021. The author appreciates the unique concept of producing a product entirely in their image, which may appeal to listeners. Despite not having a French role model, they admire artists like Booba and Young Thug. American rap is their main inspiration, with Young Thug and Chief Keef being particularly influential. However, it is difficult to draw stylistic parallels with these musicians due to their unique approach to music.

Le Prince’s official music video


Song’s review

The newest song “Le Prince” by Houdini SNA is a compelling addition to the Hip-hop/Rap landscape. In this tune, Houdini SNA demonstrates his flexibility and great brilliance with his distinctive style and lyrical prowess. The production of the song is a seamless combination of catchy sounds and captivating choruses that pulls listeners in right away.

Smooth and dynamic, Houdini SNA delivers his lines with assurance and honesty. The tune gains an additional layer of vitality from the cooperation with the featured artist, strengthening its allure. With its memorable chorus, “Le Prince” jumps out and becomes an immediate earworm with enduring appeal.

Houdini SNA‘s lyrics explore human experiences and feelings, which makes the song empathetic and accessible. He obviously put his heart and his into this album, which resulted in a genuinely unique and pleasurable piece of music.

As a result of showcasing Houdini SNA‘s talented creativity and potential for even bigger accomplishments in the future, “Le Prince” is a must-listen for Hip-hop/Rap aficionados.

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