Jeffrey James’s Latest Smash: “Day by Day” Tops Charts

Jeffrey James

Jeffrey James Unveils Latest Single “Day by Day”

Nashville-primarily based singer-songwriter Jeffrey James launched a brand new music, “Day by Day” on April five, 2024, through Preach Records. The song follows the collaborative song “Floating On Forever” with AUGUSTKID and Laurentius, released remaining month. James, as his solo artist, collaborated with manufacturer John Davidson and Jacob Bryant, lead singer and guitarist of American indie-rock band The Brummies, at the song.

“Day by Day” official music video


Song’s review

Vegas Indie Rock Revelation: “Day by Day” by Fly By Jeffrey James

Dive into “Day by Day” via Fly By Jeffrey Jame s, a dynamic Vegas Indie rock anthem. This pop music surprise injects a burst of electricity into the style, making it an immediate favourite. The track’s infectious rhythm and powerful vocals leave a lasting influence. Positioned as a center music, it strikes the correct balance among tempo and depth. “Day by Day” emerges as a new song with timeless appeal, ready to grace your playlist. Don’t leave out out on experiencing its magic – play the track on YouTube Music and allow its electrifying vibe take you on a journey. Fly By Jeffrey Jame s provides every other hit worth savoring.

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