Jelly Roll New Music Release: “I Am Not Okay”

Jelly Roll

🎵 New Music Alert: Jelly Roll‘s “I Am Not Okay” 🎵

Jelly Roll has released a ultra-current music, “I Am Not Okay,” as the second one single from his upcoming 8th studio album. The track, which become finished at The Voice Season Finale, delves into Jelly Roll‘s emotional pain and highbrow health struggles. Written via way of way of Ashley Gorley, Casey Brown, Jason Deford, and Taylor Phillips, and produced through way of way of Zach Crowell, the music is the number one frame of work thinking about his 2023 album “Whitsitt Chapel.” The album, set to release in 2024, skills 100 and fifty songs.

“I Am Not Okay” official music video


Song’s review

🎵 Discover Fly By Jelly Roll‘s “I Am Not Okay” 🎵

Fly By Jelly Roll‘s “I Am Not Okay” is a strong hip-hop song that stands proud in the pop tune panorama. This new song is pretty poignant because it explores mental health problems and emotional struggling. It is the middle track on his upcoming album and demonstrates the poetic talent and unvarnished honesty of Jelly Roll. Excellent production values permit listeners to lose themselves in the track.

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