Introducing the masterpiece song “Choco” by Lavbbe

Lavbbe Emerges as a Global Force with Their Hit Song, "Choco"

Lavbbe, an accomplished and visionary artist, presents “Choco,” a musical masterpiece that transcends boundaries and captivates audiences worldwide


Lavbbe first became interested in dance and music as a young child. Her grandmother gave her a special belly dancer costume for her debut performance, and everyone was moved by her talent. She quickly rose to fame on TikTok, amassing more than 4,6 million followers and tens of millions of likes. Lavbbe relocated to the UK at the age of 16 to finish her education at Newcastle-upon-Tyne. She took acting, singing, and contemporary dance training for a year. She took a hiatus from dancing, but once the lockdown started in 2020, Lavbbe started to make new videos for TikTok and resumed dancing from morning to night.

Lavbbe attracted a sizable following of admirers to her TikTok profile within a short period of time, and in only one year, Lavbbe attracted one million followers, making her a sought-after influencer by major labels in Africa and beyond. She currently has more than 4,6 million fans after her vivacious dance moves went viral and sparked innumerable comments and emotions on the social media platform.
Lavbbe experienced a true epiphany and a moment of rediscovery during the lockdown. Her musical journey began a few months ago when Costi Ionita, the Romanian hitmaker who was nominated for the Grammy Awards for the second time in his life for two years, discovered her on TikTok. After the lockdown, she traveled to many cities due to her job, including New York, L.A., and Nigeria.

Choco  official music video


Song’s review


With her most recent song, “Choco,” up-and-coming pop star Lavbbe tempts listeners’ taste buds. This mouthwatering song demonstrates Lavbbe‘s skill at creating contagious pop songs and performing them with a youthful zeal.

“Choco” catches you with its lively and appealing production from the first few notes. The upbeat ambiance that the song’s energizing beats and whimsical synth accents generate instantly boosts your spirits. Lavbbe‘s vocals are outstanding throughout the song, radiating a sense of happiness and assurance that perfectly matches the joyful mood of the song.

Lyrically, “Choco” offers a delightful metaphor for the heady essence of first love. The lyrics brilliantly weave a story that is both realistic and enjoyable by contrasting the allure of romance with the enticing pleasure of chocolate. Lavbbe delivers the words in the best way.


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