Les BriSKArds Release “Friend Jack” – A Must-Listen Single

Les BriSKArds Friend Jack

Les BriSKArds Commemorate a Decade of Musical Diversity with “FILE.zip” EP!

Les BriSKArds are thrilled to share that FILE.zip, their brand-new EP, is now available on all major streaming services.
The Neuchâtel group is returning to commemorate its tenth anniversary.

Featuring four brand-new musical compositions and a clip. They didn’t line up in a particular musical genre, as usual. To achieve this distinctive outcome that defines the sound of the seven musicians’ formation, Les BriSKArds covers rock in the broadest sense (classical, progressive) while incorporating pop and pop-punk sounds.

Emotive Storylines Through Captivating Melodies

Les BriSKArds created a clip titled “Friend Jack,” with the subtitle “Telling the Thoughts of a Pirate About to Be Hung,” as an accompaniment to the release of their new EP. The song’s choruses lead us to the conclusion that the pirate does not feel terrified of dying. Instead, he chooses to recollect all the moments he will miss while patiently awaiting his rendezvous with death. Instead, he chooses to recollect all the moments he will miss while patiently awaiting his rendezvous with death. On YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VO9K9wCNTQ, both audio and visual.
She stays on stage for the remainder to passionately defend their music! Furthermore, there are exciting initiatives currently in the works to extend our experience past these first 10 years. As Les BriSKArds continue to push boundaries and evolve, their dedication to their craft remains unwavering, ensuring that their musical journey is an ever-expanding and immersive experience for their devoted fans and newcomers alike.
The British Army

Friend Jack’s official music video


Song’s review

Les BriSKArds‘ “Friend Jack” – A Ferocious Rock/Punk Masterpiece!

Les BriSKArds, a ferocious Rock/Punk musician, skillfully crafts an exhilarating masterpiece with their song “Friend Jack.” Moreover, the energizing combination of raw strength and contagious hooks swiftly captivates listeners, pulling them into the turbulent universe of the song.

Outspoken Attitude and Musical Prowess

Les BriSKArds‘ outspoken attitude and clear musical ability are on full display in “Friend Jack.” Moreover, gritty guitar chords and pounding percussion beats provide a solid platform for the track’s compelling vocals to soar. The result, indeed, is a defiant hymn that passionately resonates with every beat, effectively showcasing the band’s unapologetic and no-nonsense creative style.

The lyrics, infused with a spirit of companionship and adventure, vividly portray a sense of friendship among people who bravely defy social expectations. Moreover, “Friend Jack” fearlessly challenges the established quo, wholeheartedly embracing the true spirit of Rock/Punk music.

Undoubtedly, Les BriSKArds‘ “Friend Jack” stands out as a resounding tribute to the eternal allure of Rock/Punk music in a world that fervently craves authenticity. In this regard, the song becomes an anthem that captures the essence of rebellion and genuine artistic expression. Therefore, don’t miss this thrilling journey from one of the most promising performers in the genre. So turn up the volume and let “Friend Jack” stoke your spirit of disobedience!

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