Linka Moja ‘s “Othersider” is a captivating musical journey

Linka Moja Othersider

Linka Moja: A Fearless and Determined Musician

Linka Moja ( is a bold and tenacious musician who overcame obstacles by taking a leap of faith when she picked up a guitar and performed in front of an audience.

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During an unexpected encounter at Kelly Slater’s surf camp, she faced a moment of truth. Musical greats like Eddie Vedder and Jack Johnson were surfing there. With bravery, she approached them, took one of their guitars, and passionately played her own songs, fueled by her perseverance. It was no small achievement to take such a daring and audacious gamble in the company of music icons who had probably seen it all.

Linka Moja‘s unrelenting enthusiasm and confidence in her music not only led her to embrace the opportunity to perform at the Ohana Festival, but also propelled her towards a moment of profound accomplishment. Eddie Vedder, a Rock and roll Hall of Fame member, recognized her ability and untapped potential. Moja recorded her live cut album Cough Drop and collaborated with Oscar Niedhart on her debut studio album, “Serial Monogamist.” Moja’s passion and dedication to her music made her a memorable presence at the event.

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Song’s review

With its exhilarating fusion of rock and punk, Linka Moja‘s most recent song, “Othersider,” is sure to capture fans from the opening chord. The music begins with an exhilarating guitar riff that sets the stage for the subsequent raw and strong vocals.

“Othersider” seamlessly transports us to a realm of unrepentant rebellion and profound self-discovery, all while maintaining a strong beat and delivering edgy lyrics. Additionally, the song skillfully combines elements of defiance and introspection, immersing the listeners in a captivating musical journey. The song is a moving anthem for anyone looking for their own way because of its bold examination of individuality and the battle to rebel against conventional standards.

Linka Moja‘s distinctive sound is evident, expertly combining elements of both current rock and vintage punk. An impactful, powerful sound is produced as a result of the forceful instruments and crisp production.

Listeners who enjoy “Othersider” will undoubtedly long for more of Linka Moja‘s daring and outlandish music. Furthermore, the band’s unique blend of rock and punk elements leaves audiences craving further audacious tunes. It is a fantastic monument to the band’s artistic skill. Linka Moja solidifies their position as a pioneer in the rock and punk genres with the release of this engaging track.

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