Lisa Ploeger Unleashes a Rock Revelation: “I Blame Myself”

Lisa Ploeger I Blame Myself new music

Lisa Ploeger ‘s Musical Comeback: Unveiling “I Blame Myself”

Dutch singer-songwriter Lisa Ploeger released a new song, “I Blame Myself,” on January 5, 2024, marking her first music since the 2022 debut EP “Dear Diary.” The song is the first single from her upcoming sophomore EP, set to be released this summer. Geosy Kleefman, Ivo Severijns, and Ploeger wrote the track, while Rowdy Prins produced it, and Robert Schepers and Cynthia Vos directed. Ploeger emphasized the song’s personal message about the challenges of overwork and social pressure in today’s world.

“I Blame Myself” official music video


Song’s review

In Lisa Ploeger‘s trendy rock anthem, “I Blame Myself,” she can provide a captivating pop-infused melody that distinguishes itself as a center music in her evolving discography. The music, now a noteworthy addition to the world of latest songs, demonstrates Ploeger’s creative increase. Seamlessly blending rock factors, it’s a testomony to her ability to play with track genres. To fully immerse yourself in the dynamic spectrum of this tune, visit YouTube Music, where Ploeger’s composition comes to life.

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