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Lo Bailly: A Musical Anomaly

Sometimes a vocation is the result of an anomaly. Lo Bailly can testify to this. Born into a family that was stranger to the world of music, the Brussels-based singer began his his path by finding a synth and a guitar in a corner of his parents’ house. If nobody knows where these instruments come from, Lo Bailly knows where he is going. Self-taught pianist, trained in journalism and political communication, he quickly put his writing skills to music. Sharp pen, sharp writing, the artist puts words to his emotions.

An adept of the spoken word, heir to the Beat Generation poets, Lo Bailly’s songs are between French song and
urban poetry with many influences (rock, trip hop, rap music)
Closer to reality and the jolts of the modern world, the singer dissects human nature through uncompromising observations. In the end, Lo Bailly‘s songs probe the depths of the soul to sketch out a finely tuned work. Produced by Lo Bailly, mixed by Staf Verbeeck (Selah Sue, BRNS, Hooverphonic), this first album offers an alternative to the French song.

“AMBULANCE” official music video


Song’s review

“AMBULANCE” via Lo Bailly is a style-bending masterpiece that defies easy category. Fusing elements of electronic, hip-hop, rap, and dad, Bailly crafts a sonic adventure this is both progressive and immersive. The track opens with a hypnotic digital pulse, putting the level for Bailly’s dynamic and commanding vocals.

His lyrical prowess shines as he delves into the chaos of contemporary existence, the use of brilliant metaphors that paint a bright image. The refrain, with its infectious hooks, is an instant earworm. “AMBULANCE” is a captivating combo of genres, showcasing Lo Bailly‘s versatility and creative imaginative and prescient in a way that demands repeated listens.

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