New single “One Night Stand” by Lonnie!

Lonnie is a talented artist from California

Born in Orange County, California, Lonnie got his start on social media, and that’s carried over into his own music videos. Now signed to the legendary Vincent Herbert’s MUSE, Lonnie is ready to make his own mark on the music world. This song is just the beginning of his journey. It’s already showing his ability to craft a song that reaches so many people. He says, “I’m excited for everyone to see what I’ve been working so hard on. I hope people can relate to my music, and it makes them feel like they are not alone. They can listen to it to cope with emotions.”

 is one of the freshest rising stars in music right now. He can blend genres in a way that feels so effortless. His debut single, “One Night Stand,” is a fresh take on the classic tale of wanting more from a one-night stand.

New single “One Night Stand” by Lonnie is now available!

Lonnie’s smooth vocals perfectly intertwine with the ethereal melody. The way he interpolates the classic “Lovefool” by The Cardigans just adds to the desperation he’s laced into the song. “I had the melody in my head, and it fit. It just worked,” he explains, “I love taking older stuff and making it new. I want to keep it going for kids who are younger so they don’t miss out on how good that music was.”

The accompanying video perfectly captures the feeling of young love. Electric pulses, quick cuts back and forth, and the crowd fading into the background all serve to highlight the feeling of loneliness in the song. Lonnie “I sing about what feels genuine to me, but I make it into a story, and that’s when music videos come to my mind. I want to make everything like a movie.” The visuals are so striking with the narrative, the stellar backgrounds lending to the dreamlike quality before Lonnie wakes up alone. It feels like a stark take on how disposable young love can feel.

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