LYRA Debut “America”: A Musical Revelation


LYRA Debut Album “Naked”: An Overview

Irish singer-songwriter LYRA released her debut album, titled “Naked,” on April 12, 2024. The 14-song album features visitor appearances from Irish DJ John Gibbons and become produced by using BURNS, Dan Priddy, Mark Crew, Nicki Adamsson, Phil Cook, and Scott Rosser. The album offers snapshots of her beyond relationships, particularly a turbulent give up and its liberating aftermath. describes the album as a mirrored image of her carefree and wild life-style, apart from “Naked,” which showcases her adjust ego.

“America” official music video


Song’s review

“America” by Fly By LYRA: An Indie Pop Gem

In her modern release “America,” Fly By LYRA supplies an indie pop music that captivates from begin to complete. This new tune showcases versatility within the pop tune genre. “America” stands proud as a middle track in repertoire, demonstrating her evolution as an artist. With its catchy melodies and poignant lyrics, this tune is destined to be a favorite among listeners. Be sure to play “America” on YouTube Music or your chosen streaming platform to revel in L YRA‘s musical prowess firsthand.

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