New single “Beyond Repair” is out by Mad Meg!

Mad Meg is an eastern European indie rock band

Formed and based in New York, Mad Meg is an indie rock band with strong eastern European influences – playing in their own genre, Punk Crooner Noir.

When describing their genre, Mad Meg stated, “Punk is a general attitude toward society – one of personal sovereignty, an embodied admission of the impossibility of conforming to any herd. It also describes a motley style. Crooner is a masculine type of singing from the mid-20th century, encompassing irony, sensitivity, and good old moxie. Noir is an aesthetic in which the dark side is very prevalent.” A unique take on rock music, Mad Meg fuses together zombie-like vocals, choir-like backing vocals, and musical soundscapes that sound like they came straight out of a musical.

New single “Beyond Repair” is now available!

“‘Beyond Repair’ is a song sang by a machine that is no longer functioning properly,” explains Mad Meg leader Ilya Popenko. “The machine begs its owner to throw it away and not feel obligated to keep it around. The machine believes that the owner’s life will be better with a newer, better functioning model. In the video I’m unable to move on my own. I am being carried around by strangers as I go through my day in the video. Nikolay Metin is the director and I was the producer of this video.

Released on September 30, 2022, Mad Meg’s single “Beyond Repair”​ond Repair” is a perfect example of their self-claimed style. The song has it all: calm guitar strums, vocal build-up, and quite possibly the catchiest chorus you’ll hear all week. “Beyond Repair” takes the viewpoint of a robot, broken down to the point where it can no longer be fixed. The robot realizes it’s beyond repair and uses the song to reminisce about its last days – before its inevitable trip to the junkyard. Mad Meg is on a mission to get you grooving with this track, but you’ll do a little thinking too.

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