Maija Soulful Melody: “Let’s Keep This a Secret” Unveiled

Maija Let's Keep This a Secret

Maija ‘s Highly Anticipated Single Release

Maija, a London-based singer and musician, will release her new single, “Let’s Keep This a Secret,” this year. The song is deeply personal to Maija, deeply embedded in her life’s work and relationships. She sings Brazilian jazz but writes music in her native English. The musicians on the project are the finest, and the song is meant to be interpreted in any way one feels.

Maija wrote the melody and lyrics, while Wayne Willett wrote the harmonic arrangement. Gerry Kunkel played guitar, Leonardo Lucini played bass, and Mark Prince played drums. The song was recorded in 2023 at Bias Studio in Springfield, VA, and mastered by Mike Monsieur.

“Let’s Keep This a Secret” official music video


Song’s review

Maija‘s modern launch, “Let’s Keep This a Secret,” is a fascinating fusion of Folk, Acoustic, Jazz, and Pop affects. Her captivating vocals, deeply emotive and soulful, take middle stage in this musical journey. The tune’s heartfelt lyrics resonate with a sense of vulnerability and authenticity, reflecting Maija‘s private connection to her paintings.

The musicianship at the tune is impeccable, with Wayne Willett’s harmonic arrangement adding depth and complexity. Gerry Kunkel’s guitar work, Leonardo Lucini’s bass, and Mark Prince’s drums combo seamlessly, growing a wealthy sonic tapestry. “Let’s Keep This a Secret” isn’t just a song; it’s a profound experience that invites listeners to interpret it in countless ways, leaving them eagerly anticipating more from this talented artist.

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