Maisy Kay’s “Sunlight”: A Fresh R&B Pop Track

Maisy Kay Sunlight new music

“Sunlight” official music video

Maisy Kay Unveils New Melody “Sunlight”

British singer-songwriter Maisy Kay has launched a new tune, “Sunlight,” following Dutch DJ Tiësto’s remix of her 2022 single “Karma Is A Bitch Like You” and Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” The song, written via Kay Kendrick and produced by Mike Avenaim, is ready a person who feels like sunshine personified, highlighting the mild, small things that make love so splendid. Kay shared that she used a espresso machine to make the character coffee in the mornings, showcasing the beauty of love.

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Song’s review

In her today’s release, “Sunlight,” R&B artist Maisy Kay promises a fresh take on pop track. The music captivates listeners with its vibrant melody and soulful vocals, marking it as a standout in Kay’s repertoire. With its infectious rhythm and catchy hooks, “Sunlight” is poised to emerge as a center music on playlists worldwide. Kay’s exploration of love and pleasure shines through in this new music, making it a ought to-play for any music enthusiast. You can discover “Sunlight” on numerous structures, along with YouTube Music, wherein its uplifting energy is positive to decorate your day.

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