Makeout Shinobi ‘s “CUTS” blends hip-hop and rap

Makeout Shinobi CUTS

Makeout Shinobi: A Rising Star from the Vibrant City of New Orleans, Louisiana

Makeout Shinobi is a skilled and quickly rising artist from the colorful metropolis of New Orleans, Louisiana. Shinobi has swiftly become recognized for his unlimited variety and beautiful lyrics that keep listeners entranced, thanks to his ability to perfectly merge dark and ambient Alternative R&B with powerful rock Rap. After two critically praised EPs, he is about to take the music world by storm with the release of his first album “MAKEOUT VIOLENCE” at the end of 2023, which promises to be a powerful and inspirational piece of art showcasing Shinobi’s great ability and creative vision.

The lead track from Makeout Shinobi‘s SNAKE OF JUNE EP, released on June 5th, 2023, is CUTS. CUTS delves into Shinobi’s past and his experiences moving from New Orleans to New York to pursue his music career, leaving his friends and family behind.

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CUTS official music video

Song’s review

Makeout Shinobi proves to be a powerful force in the hip-hop/rap genre with their current track “CUTS.” Moreover, the single features an exciting collaboration, enhancing its appeal to a wider audience. Additionally, the song boasts a flawless combination of explosive sounds and compelling poetry, elevating it to a whole new level of artistry. As a result, the track “CUTS” stands out as a remarkable piece within the music scene, leaving listeners eager for more from this talented group.

“CUTS” captures the listener’s attention right away with its intriguing production. Firstly, Makeout Shinobi‘s unique flow is supported by a catchy melody and expertly constructed accompaniment. Furthermore, the artist’s smooth delivery, along with their thought-provoking lyrics, creates an intriguing tale that keeps the listener interested throughout. Overall, the song not only showcases Makeout Shinobi‘s talent but also demonstrates its ability to engage the audience with a well-crafted musical experience.

The featured collaboration also lends an intriguing aspect to the music.  Makeout Shinobi and their counterpart share an obvious connection, resulting in a synergistic and memorable performance. This enriches the overall listening experience.

Makeout Shinobi showcases their skill as a hip-hop/rap artist with “CUTS” while demonstrating excellent musicianship. This combination guarantees a lasting effect on both fans and new listeners. This song is unquestionably essential to every hip-hop playlist.

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