Maniac is out by Gurudine

Gurudine is an independent Moroccan/Egyptian artist who self-produces his own music.

Here we have a summary biography from dear Gurudine:

He is so independent that he even edits his music videos. Born in Queens, New York Gurudine has always been creative since I started teaching myself how to play the drums when I moved to Miami Florida around 5 years old. I would then join a few bands in high school that never went anywhere but I took it as experience and practice for what was to come. I eventually mastered drumming all on my own and found a new love which was producing and dove into that.
My influences are very rock and metal. I love Deftones, Paramore, The All-American Rejects, Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz, and Lil Uzi. My taste in music involved all genres but there is a certain sound and style that I lean towards and that’s very groovy and intricate. My music is referred to as having a lot of 80s vibes alongside a modern twist with indie-pop and alternative rock and hip-hop!

`You read this interesting biography from dear Gurudine.

Song’s review:

date of release: January 14th of 2023
The artist used pleasurable vibes and energy those are the most important issues in this track.
The artist knows how to excite the audience, you can figure it out by listening to the song’s catchy chorus. Mix and mastering were perfect for sure. Music Producing was also flawless, he did a really great job on this track.

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