Marijo Weigel ‘s Quena-Inspired Synthesizer in “Desierto Florido”

Marijo Weigel Desierto Florido

Marijo Weigel ‘s “Desierto Florido”: A Musical Journey of Rebirth

Franco-Chilean artist Marijo Weigel has released a new single, “Desierto Florido”, which invites listeners to travel and introspectively explore the concept of “reborn.” Inspired by the Chilean landscape of the Atacama Region, the song combines the aridity of the desert with the fecundity of flowers, symbolizing personal liberation from search. The pop song features Andean music elements, with charango as a main instrument, acoustic guitars, a bass drum in percussion, and a synthesizer resembling a quena.

María Jose Weigel composed and wrote the song, with Ricardo Luna handling musical production. Prominent Chilean musicians, including Carlos Azo Car on rhythm guitar, Nacho Hernandez on guitars and charango, Cristobal Cerda, and Ricardo Luna on percussion, contributed to the music. The song comes with a minimalist videoclip directed by Javier Alonso in collaboration with Esqueje Films, reflecting the desert’s colors.

“Desierto Florido” official music video


Song’s review

In “Desierto Florido,” Marijo Weigel beautifully blends aridity and fertility, inspired by Chile’s Atacama Region, crafting a brilliant sonic panorama. Weigel’s introspective lyrics and airy vocals invite listeners to embark on a journey of private rebirth. The blend of Andean musical elements, featuring the soulful charango, acoustic guitars, and a quena-inspired synthesizer, crafts a culturally rich tapestry of sound.

Marijo Weigel‘s collaboration with gifted Chilean musicians complements the music’s depth, making “Desierto Florido” a harmonious blend of artistry. The minimalist videoclip in addition enhances the experience, drawing visitors into the desert’s colourful colours.

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