Mauvais Sang “3H47”: An Electrifying Experience

Mauvais Sang 3H47

Mauvais Sang ‘s Unique Musical Fusion

Mauvais Sang is a combination of daring saturated guitar sounds (Mathis Saunier), nervous bass motives (played by Louis Dégrois) and the bright and majestuous voice of the harp (played by Anouck Bizon ), and highlighted with a oniric and poetic chanted voice (Léo Simond).

Directly inspired by the eponymous film directed by Leos Carax, a tribute to the fusion of genres, the band creates its own rules and a unique essence made of post punk rock and operatic harp. This unexpected marriage of classical music, literary songs and industrial rock has already been praised by a first album, ‘Des Corps dans le Décor’.

“3H47” official music video


Song’s review

Mauvais Sang‘s “3H47,” a captivating blend of Metal, Pop, and Popular Music, offers a dynamic and electrifying sonic experience. The track exudes a mesmerizing intensity, driven by powerful guitar riffs and a commanding vocal performance.

“3H47” fuses heavy metal elements with catchy pop melodies, showcasing the artist’s versatility and innovation. This high-energy composition is a must-listen for genre-defying music enthusiasts.

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