METTE ‘s Electro-Pop Elegance: Unveiling “DARLING DRIVE”


METTE: A Collaborative Venture in Music

Los Angeles-based dancer and singer-songwriter METTE has collaborated with Scottish DJ Sam Gellaitry to ideal a brand new song, “DARLING DRIVE,” on BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds. The song, written by Ines Dunn, and Sam Gellaitry, became produced by Gellaitry. This marks the primary collaboration among Gellaitry. METTE met Gellaitry in Scotland, rented an old house, and set up a studio and drawing room. Gellaitry remembers the primary track they tried to make, but determined to release it because of  American tour.

“DARLING DRIVE” official music video


Song’s review

In their modern electronic introduction, “DARLING DRIVE,” METTE and Sam Gellaitry have seamlessly mixed pop song factors, turning in a captivating new music. This dynamic piece stands proud as a clean addition to the world of digital music, showcasing the artists’ prowess in crafting compelling tunes. “DARLING DRIVE” hits the sweet spot as a center tune, striking an ideal balance among energetic beats and melodic allure. Whether you are exploring new track or looking for captivating music to play, this song deserves a spot in your playlist.

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