ONitescent: Crafting Musical Magic with “Lejos de ti”

ONitescent Lejos de ti

ONitescent ‘s Unique Musical Fusion

Paris-based indie musician ONitescent is a master of blending pop, electro, and EDM influences to create a captivating musical experience. Drawing inspiration from Paris and New York, ONitescent‘s dynamic soundscapes reflect his constant quest for creativity and innovation. His guitar prowess draws inspiration from Jimmy Hendrix, his voice echoes David Bowie, and a universe akin to Radiohead, Flume, and Illenium.

ONitescent also showcases his graphic design skills by creating album covers and captivating video clips. He is currently working on a new single, “Deep House,” and is working on a visually captivating music video incorporating graphics, video footage, and artificial intelligence. Stay tuned for an exhilarating release that pushes artistic boundaries and takes listeners on a new sonic journey.

“Lejos de ti” official music video


Song’s review

Pop artist ONitescent‘s latest track, “Lejos de ti,” is a charming sonic journey that showcases his prowess within the style. The song envelops the listener with its infectious melodies and emotive lyrics, growing an immersive revel from beginning to finish. ONitescent‘s vocals are soulful and evocative, drawing the audience deep into the heart of the music’s narrative.

The manufacturing is top-notch, with a seamless mixture of electronic and PA elements that preserve the strength flowing. “Lejos de ti” is a testament to ONitescent‘s ability to craft a modern pop gem that resonates with a huge target audience.

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