Orange A Boom Unleashes “Mortar”: A New Music Marvel

Orange A Boom Mortar

Orange A Boom: Northern California’s Experimental Electronic Maestro

Hailing from Northern California, Orange A Boom is a producer who creates unique experimental electronic music. Drawing on his many years as a professional touring bassist and lifelong musician, Orange A
Boom uses both live instruments and digital synthesizers to craft gritty rhythmic basslines, floating atmospheric guitar melodies and interweaving synth lines. His style is not driven by any outside bias or motivation; he lets the music take its natural course during writing and production rather than forcing it in a certain direction.

“I try to tap into everyday life experiences and emotions and let the music be a vessel to bring
these feelings into the physical world. They can be as deep as losing a loved one or as petty as being cut off in traffic.¨ The uniqueness of Orange A Boom’s style is found in the fact that his music can be blasted through open car windows cruising down the road, or enjoyed floating off to sleep into a deep and prismatic dream.

“Mortar”  official music video


Song’s review

In the world of song news, Orange A Boom emerges with a groundbreaking instrumental music titled “Mortar.” The fusion of digital and hip-hop/rap factors captures the center of interest in the track. This new track release showcases Orange A Boom‘s prowess, inviting listeners to play tune and delve into a sonic journey that defies genre limitations. With a modern approach, “Mortar” will become a testimony to Orange A Boom‘s artistry, pushing the limits of sound.

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