Radicals portray chaos in “Untitled” music video as family act

Radicals Untitled

Radicals have stayed true to their name on their, ahem, “Untitled” radnewsingle. It is anthemic, full of attitude, draws inspiration from the 90s alt-rock and grunge scene, and acts like Nirvana and Silverchair

Radicals have undoubtedly lived up to their name with their latest “Untitled” radnewsingle. The trio plays a family in the intentionally chaotic music video, with Brandon playing the mother, Nick the father, and Myles the son. According to the band, “If there is one theme to take away from the track, it’s confusion.”
Brandon Wade, a guitarist, and vocalist, continues, “Untitled was the first song we decided to write without direction or planned meaning back in late 2021 after our first singles. Basically, it was added to the song as long as the syllables matched.

We didn’t want to give the song a title, and we didn’t want any two lines to even seem to fit next to one another. Nothing more than a track that sounded alright was what we aimed for. For example, the chorus’s opening line is literally “Kaleidoscopes and unborn bread.” What the hell is that even? We are so proud of it, and it makes no sense at all. As the song declares, “untitled lives”

untitled official music video


Song’s review

Radicals, a pioneering Rock/Punk musician, has achieved great success with their most recent single, “Untitled” featuring. Moreover, this enthralling song is a new and audacious fusion that instantly grabs listeners from the opening chord.

Radicals‘ raw and edgy sound allows them to effortlessly combine elements of rock and punk, resulting in a performance that defies the expectations of its respective genres. The aggressive vocals, pounding drums, and intense guitar riffs of “Untitled” are what makes the song so compelling and rebellious.

Not only is the song’s energy contagious, but it also compels listeners to headbang and play air guitar in a frenzy. Additionally, Radicals‘ remarkable talent for expressing unfiltered emotions through their music is truly commendable and undoubtedly leaves listeners yearning for more.

“Untitled,” the song, showcases the artist’s skill in creating an anthemic, unapologetic work of art. It carries the rebellious spirit of Rock/Punk music with pride. “Untitled” is an absolute must-listen if you’re looking for a high-octane, powerhouse track to add to your playlist. Rock out!

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