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Rayno Molly

Rayno ‘s Musical Journey: From Passion to “Spleen Boy” Album

Rayno was rocked by the music that his loved ones are listening to. Very early in the shadows, he began music out of passion. His love for this area will never cease. Moreover, during his college years, he excelled as both a bassist and pianist in a rock band. Additionally, his passion for the local community grew even stronger over time. In college, he was a bassist and pianist in a rock band. But still intimately attracted by the voice, he decided 2019 to

He is primarily influenced by RnB, Emo-Rap, and Lo-fi, which, consequently, results in a captivating fusion of these genres, yielding a unique “melodious Rap” in his songs. His pieces often revolve around the spleen of the artist, the melancholy love-
that, but also the hope that animates him on a daily basis. He quickly established himself as a “singer/rapper”, combining his inspirations.
He gradually released singles, including the title “Bad mood increases”.
Invested in his music, he takes each of his projects very seriously
Convinced of his talent, Spirit Production decides to accompany him in his career. Based on his experience, he is preparing an 11-track album for it alongside his label.

“Molly” official music video


Song’s review

The song “Molly” by Rayno is exceptional because it skillfully combines elements of R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop, and Popular Music. The very first beat pulls listeners into a world of alluring tunes and compelling words.

The song’s production is excellent, not only that, but its funky and smooth instrumental also nicely accentuates Rayno‘s silky voice. Furthermore, the seamless blend of musical elements creates an immersive experience. The chorus is contagious and leaves a lasting impact, as the artist’s voice smoothly glides over the lines while exhibiting a wonderful sense of control and emotion.

Lyrically, “Molly” delves into themes of love, passion, and emotional vulnerability. Rayno‘s storytelling ability shines through, evoking genuine feelings in the audience. The clever wordplay and relatable content make the track accessible to a wide range of listeners.

As the song progresses, Rayno‘s delivery not only becomes increasingly impassioned but also adds an extra layer of intensity to the already captivating performance. Moreover, his emotions are skillfully conveyed, further drawing the audience into the mesmerizing musical journey. “Molly” is undeniably a standout track that showcases Rayno‘s talent as both a rapper and an R&B/Soul artist.

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