Reivaj ‘s Genre-Bending Artistry in “AHÍ NAMA”


Reivaj ‘s Early Artistic Journey in “Voces del Barrio” Choir

Reivaj began his artistic career at the age of 6 in the “Voces del Barrio” choir, from Cobre in Cuba, he learned his first steps in music, with the warmth of his father and his uncles. He made him a complete artist, singing and playing various musical instruments. At the age of 16, he decided to venture into other genres, becoming a founding artist of the music choir. Afro “Voices of the Miracle”, resulting in a good reception by the Cuban public and obtaining the first prize in Cuba Disco 2011. From then on, his followers called him “the golden voice.”

Reivaj ‘s Connection to Santiago de Cuba

After this stage Reivaj began to sing Urban music and managed to create the duo Yerba Buena, reaching the promotional media in the television programs Talla Joven and Cuerda Viva. The Miguel Matamoros Music Company has recognized his artistic work, handing over the Key from the city of Santiago de Cuba. His ability to sing different genres led him to be part of the musical show “Rosi la
Cubanita”, a moment in which he meets Luna to record her 1st single “AHÍ NAMA”, a song that he forms part of the musical show.

“AHÍ NAMA”  official music video


Song’s review

Reivaj‘s “AHÍ NAMA” is a mesmerizing fusion of Pop, R&B/Soul, and World music, taking listeners on a captivating musical journey. The music’s commencing at once captivates with its airy vocal harmonies and a relaxing, rhythmic guitar melody. Reivaj‘s emotive voice easily glides through lyrics that invite us to discover the splendor of human connection and self-discovery. The arrangement blends Latin, Caribbean, and world rhythms, creating an engaging, ever-evolving soundscape.

Reivaj‘s “AHÍ NAMA” is a testament to his artistry and cross-style versatility. With its infectious melody and profound lyrics, this tune has the strength to transport your soul and ignite your wanderlust. It’s a musical gem that transcends borders, delivering a familiar message of affection and team spirit. “AHÍ NAMA” is a must-listen, regardless of your music taste, leaving you craving more from this talented artist.

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