Richard Hawley Rock Revelation: “Prism In Jeans”

Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley “In This City They Call You Love”: A Musical Palette

On May 31, 2024, British singer-songwriter Richard Hawley‘s ninth studio album, “In This City They Call You Love,” is scheduled for release. The 86 tracks on the 12-track album, which is his first in five years since 2019, were selected from the fifth tune, “People.” Like his previous albums with title-driven pieces like Truelove’s Gutter and Standing At The Sky’s Edge, Hawley said that the album intends to be multicoloured and centred on the voice. The sixth track is where “People” appears.

“Prism In Jeans” official music video


Song’s review

Rocking the Airwaves: Richard Hawley “Prism In Jeans” Review

Take off. By Richard Hawley‘s enthralling rendition of the rock song “Prism In Jeans” captures the spirit of the genre well. It is positioned as the album’s midway track and highlights Hawley’s skill as a musician and storyteller. Fans of pop and rock will find this new song, which is available on YouTube Music, to be enticing. The song is a great addition to any music collection and comes with a visually appealing sticker.

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