Sarantos ‘ Rap Revolution: “No One Promised You A Good Life”

Sarantos No One Promised You A Good Life

Sarantos ‘ Remarkable Decade: 10 Years of Artistic Output

Sarantos is a Chicago-primarily based nerd and retired superhero who is a DIY worldwide award-triumphing solo song artist, multi-instrumentalist, ebook author, comedian e-book nut, radio display host, poet, and element-time secret agent. His track is a mix of Justin Bieber, Queen, Journey, and Ed Sheeran, and he does not use a professional studio to create it.

In 2023, he is Year #10 of his adventure, releasing new songs, lyric videos, tune movies, e book chapters, and poems every month. In nine years, he has released 18 albums with 226 unique tracks and 9 fiction/myth books that parallel the songs. His song is a pass between Justin Bieber, Queen, Journey, and Ed Sheeran.

“No One Promised You A Good Life” official music video


Song’s review

Sarantos‘ “No One Promised You A Good Life” is a captivating addition to the hip-hop/rap genre, showcasing his particular musical versatility. The track combines profound storytelling with rhythmic artistry, offering a raw and unfiltered perspective on life’s realities. Sarantos‘ lyrics reflect his multi-talented nature as he navigates the music scene independently, without a professional studio. The song’s attractive beats and notion-upsetting narrative make it a standout in his ever-increasing repertoire.

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